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“The Internet Is Taking Sides in the Matter of Jonas vs. Turner—And, for Once, It’s Right” – Vogue

September 11, 2023

Great article from Raven Smith and Vogue about how people are speaking out against the misogynistic opinions regarding Sophie Turner that have arisen online since news broke that she and husband Joe Jonas are divorcing.

I am not here to comment on their divorce— this is a personal issue and we don’t really know what’s going on (nor is it our business!). I understand that their careers have put them in the spotlight, and this will attract the usual negative opinions and judgements.

But the anti-women, anti-mother comments are unacceptable. 

As a psychiatrist specializing in women’s mental health and a mother of two young adult daughters, it pains me to see how women are still shamed for living their lives in addition to (and sometimes inspite of!) all the responsibilities they have at home. When women are expected to give up everything for their family, what happens to their own identity and sense of self?!

Let’s continue the conversation and stop mother-shaming! Read more excellent perspectives in Vogue and Her Campus Media

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas Reportedly Clashed Over Public Appearances After  Their 2nd Baby

Written By:

Dr. Bev Young

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