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MEDI Health Assessment

After your MINI, you may be referred for the MEDI Health Assessment. This is a comprehensive assessment by a trained women’s health expert, geared for women at midlife with hormonal concerns. In the MEDI, you will get an assessment of your physical, hormonal, and mental health during perimenopause or at other stages, if necessary. Then, you may get recommendations for medication, hormonal treatments, or other therapies.  Currently, The MEDI is available in Ontario.

How We Help

As experts in women’s health, we can support you with various symptom relief options through perimenopause and beyond. Get started with our MINI Assessment to learn more about how we help.

Care Coordinator

To guide you on your journey.

MEDI Health Assessment

For hormonal care.


To help you feel better.

Sleep Support

To help you sleep better.


As experts in women’s healthcare, we understand that part of embracing the menopause transition includes learning about it! Knowledge improves awareness, reduces stigma, and helps everyone feel less ashamed.

How BRIA works

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