Our Vision

Every woman* can feel well, succeed, and find joy in their relationships and the wider community.

Our Mission

At BRIA, we continuously strive to provide forward-thinking, compassionate and effective care for women* as they struggle through life’s most challenging chapters: fertility, pregnancy, motherhood, perimenopause and beyond.


Everyone needs help at some point, and asking for help is not a weakness – it’s part of life. We welcome you to a community of connected and empathic care providers and patients. 


We aim to deliver the gold-standard of mental healthcare. Our healthcare treatments are evidence-based and we use measurement-based care so that we can monitor progress and adjust accordingly.


We know that every woman* is different, and so are her needs. We’ve developed an adaptable journey that can be tailored to each individual.


We created a digitally-enabled mental healthcare system that achieves results. If it’s not working, we’ll adapt. Our work is not done until every woman* has the support they need.


We believe that women need access to quality mental healthcare, and we’ll work with practitioners, employers, and insurers to get there. BRIA welcomes gender-diverse individuals struggling with mental health issues across the reproductive stages.

Our Founders

BRIA was founded in 2021 by Dr. Ariel Dalfen, Dr. Bev Young, and Emily Kingdom. This founding team is comprised of two MD psychiatrists with a combined 40+ years of expertise in women’s mental health, and one MBA with 10+ years of healthcare business experience. Ariel and Bev are pioneers in virtual healthcare – they have experience in creating accessible and timely services for women across Ontario. With this vast experience, the founding team has assembled an exceptional group of mental health and allied health professionals aiming to build the optimal women’s mental healthcare system. We know the ideal model of care addresses the mind, the body, significant relationships and other important factors in our world. We have joined forces to build this in BRIA.

Dr. Ariel Dalfen

Co-Founder, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Ariel is an MD psychiatrist with 20 years of experience treating women of all ages: from the perinatal to the perimenopausal population. Dr. Ariel co-founded BRIA after running the largest perinatal mental health program in Ontario for 12 years and starting the first of its kind Perinatal Mental Health Telemedicine Program in Canada, in 2014—way before virtual care became popular! Dr. Ariel speaks frequently to public and academic audiences, and to the media about a variety of women’s mental health issues. She has also published research papers and written a book: “When Baby Brings the Blues; solutions for postpartum depression”. Dr. Ariel is dedicated to improving public awareness about women’s mental health issues and educating other health care providers and students. You will meet Dr. Ariel during a webinar, in a maxi-assessment, or during group therapy.

Dr. Bev Young

Co – Founder, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Bev is a psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience in women’s mental health care. Before co-founding BRIA, Dr. Bev developed and led two of the largest perinatal psychiatry programs in Ontario: the Reproductive Life Stages Program at Women’s College Hospital and the Perinatal Mental Health Program at Mount Sinai Hospital. She is a pioneer in telemedicine services for the perinatal population, and has been using virtual care to treat patients across Ontario since 2014. As a leader in her field, she is relentlessly dedicated to improving access to high quality reproductive psychiatric care in Canada, and has trained many other perinatal psychiatrists. You will meet Dr. Bev in a Maxi assessment, or during group therapy.

Emily Kingdom

Co – Founder, MBA

Emily spends her time on operational execution at BRIA – building the best experience for both patients and practitioners. Prior to founding BRIA, Emily worked in mid-market private equity in value creation, in management consulting, and in banking. Emily has spent the majority of her career understanding high-growth companies, and helping health care services companies grow organically and inorganically. At BRIA, Emily spends her time behind the scenes enabling our practitioners to care for our patients & scaling BRIA coast to coast.

Meet Our Team

Each BRIA healthcare provider has one thing in mind: helping you improve your health and well-being. Our hand-picked women’s health experts are committed to working together within a multidisciplinary team to give you the best opportunity to feel better. Each care provider has a wealth of experience, education, and credentials, and believes in evidence-based approaches to your care. We’re here to help!