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At BRIA, we aim to create an innovative, effective, and vibrant platform to help our patients struggling with mental health issues while planning pregnancy, trying to conceive, during pregnancy, postpartum, and early parenting, as well as during perimenopause. BRIA was created and founded by Dr. Ariel Dalfen and Dr. Bev Young, women’s mental health psychiatrists with over two decades of experience in this field. BRIA is supported by a team of business professionals led by our Co-Founder, Emily Kingdom. BRIA aims to be a place where mental health clinicians and allied professionals can thrive in an environment of collaboration and support while delivering the best possible mental health services.


Work with an experienced team of experts in women’s mental health who will provide teaching and supervision.


Be part of a thriving interdisciplinary community of caring professionals.


Peer meetings and supervision ensure that you are never alone in your practice.


Enjoy incentives such as ongoing training and professional development in women’s mental health care.


Work remotely, while still developing strong collegial connections.


Easy note-taking and record-keeping with an electronic medical record system.

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We’re growing! We are looking for trained experts who are passionate about women’s mental health to join our team as therapists, care coordinators and physicians. Please give us some information about yourself if you are interested in joining the BRIA Team.

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