Sleep Consultant

At BRIA, we know sleep is crucial. We also know how many women struggle with sleep throughout life. This is why we have sleep experts to help. A BRIA sleep consultant will assess your sleep patterns, create a sleep plan just for you, and help you implement that plan effectively. Our sleep consultants can help both adults and babies or children to improve sleep patterns. We also offer specialized sleep assessments for those going through perimenopause.

Registered Dietitian

BRIA’s registered dietitians are experts in providing nutritional support for hormone health, period and reproductive wellness, and disordered eating. Using a “non-diet” approach, or Health At Every Size (HAES) our registered dietitians understand that healthy nourishment is critical to mental health and well-being at every life stage.

Lactation Consultant

BRIA offers lactation consulting with your mental health in mind. We will work with you and your family to ensure that feeding is working for parent and baby. A BRIA lactation consultant will make suggestions and help you develop a comfortable feeding plan. At BRIA we believe “fed is best.”

Parenting Consultant

BRIA parenting coaches can help you at any stage. They will first get to know you, your family, and your baby or child. Then, they will learn about your parenting goals, design a parenting plan, and support you as you put that plan into action at home. Navigating parenthood is complicated; engaging with a parenting coach can lead new or seasoned parents to a better place.

How BRIA works

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