In BRIA group therapy, you can connect with other women who have similar experiences and learn from our skilled group leaders. Psychotherapy groups create a safe place where you can openly share your thoughts and emotions, learn coping tools, and feel supported by others in the same life stage, under the guidance of therapists. Educational classes are a great way for BRIA members to learn skills such as relaxation techniques, yoga, and mindfulness meditation. BRIA also offers expert webinars about an array of reproductive mental health issues. Check out our current offering below, and sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned for upcoming BRIA events!

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BRIA Book Club


Book Club with Ann Douglas

BRIA was thrilled to welcome Ann, a trusted Canadian writer on all topics relating to pregnancy and parenting, and a leading voice on midlife transitions for women.

We invite you to join BRIA and Ann for an evening of conversation, connection and laughter, whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant, a new parent, living through the messy middle, or anywhere in between. Ann will share her experience as an expert author, her insights about parenting, and strategies for navigating midlife transitions.

Sex and Sexuality

Evidence-based information for women of all ages and stages of adult life

As we transition through various life stages, our sexuality and sexual relationships change with us. This webinar, facilitated by Nicole Schroeder, a BESTCO Certified sex therapist, offers an overview of sexuality, desire, and the changes, challenges and strengths that come with various life transitions, including trying to conceive, parenthood, long-term relationships, and aging.

During our 90 minute webinar various sex therapy concepts and interventions will be discussed including spontaneous and responsive desire, the Good Enough Sex Model, myth busting common views about sexual intimacy, and Sexual Narratives (what they are and why they matter!) There will be a question period following the presentation.

Dr. Leslie Buckley presents –

Drinking and Substance Use Among Women: What We All Need to Know

Just in time for the holidays, Dr. Leslie Buckley, psychiatrist and Chief of the Addictions Division at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH),  will be speaking about the impact of alcohol and substance use on women’s health.

No one is immune to the impact of substance use as substances are increasingly prevalent in our society. Leslie will be updating you on the latest information about common substances such as alcohol and cannabis including an introduction to how substances work in the brain, current substance use guidelines, health impacts of substances on women and how to talk to friends and family who might be struggling.

Nicole Schroeder Presents –

The Menopause Transition and Sexuality

The menopause transition can cause a variety of changes that may affect sexuality and pleasure. This single session, 90 minute webinar we discussed various topics including sexual desire in menopause, the sexual response cycle, the different types of sexual desire, anatomical changes in menopause, and maintaining or developing desire. If you didn’t catch us live, you can still watch this pre-recorded session!


World Menopause Day with BRIA

Dr. Ariel Dalfen and Dr. Bev Young, women’s mental health psychiatrists and BRIA Co-Founders, will talk about the menopause transition and mental health concerns that may arise at this stage of life. They will also discuss how menopause is impacting women at work, what employers can do to support their people navigating this transition, and how BRIA can help.