MINI Mental Health Assessment

When a BRIA Care Coordinator meets with you for a 30-minute MINI, she will learn about your symptoms, stressors, and struggles, and create a Care Plan just for you. Your Care Plan will outline which BRIA services can help you feel better. The MINI is your starting point on your MD-designed journey with BRIA.

MAXI Mental Health Assesment

If our Care Coordinator recommends further mental health evaluation after your MINI, you will be referred to the MAXI Mental Health Assessment. This is a more detailed assessment by a mental health professional. In the MAXI, you will get recommendations for therapy and other services.

MEDI Health Assessment

After your MINI, you may be referred for the MEDI Health Assessment. This is a comprehensive assessment by a trained women’s health expert, geared for women at midlife with hormonal concerns. In the MEDI, you will get an assessment of your physical, hormonal, and mental health during perimenopause or at other stages, if necessary. Then, you may get recommendations for medication, hormonal treatments, or other therapies.  Currently, The MEDI is only available in Ontario.

M-ADHD Health Assessment

After a MINI Mental Health Assessment, our Care Coordinator may suggest our M-ADHD Service. The M-ADHD is for women who have concerns about their attention, concentration and organization, and would like to be assessed for  Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In order to provide high quality and evidence-based care, we will first rule out underlying mental health issues that may have similar symptoms to ADHD, or that may worsen with ADHD medication. After the M-ADHD assessment, you may be prescribed suitable medication, if necessary. We will also suggest that you book three sessions of therapy geared to improve your focus, organization, and time management.

How BRIA works

Get a personalised Care Plan

Start therapy or other services

Get additional MD services, if required

Track mental health symptoms to see progress