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“Feeling Depressed as a Result of Menopause? Hormone Therapy May Help” – The Menopause Society

February 26, 2024

“Feeling Depressed as a Result of Menopause? Hormone Therapy May Help New study suggests effectiveness of hormone therapy used alone or in conjunction with antidepressants to manage depressive symptoms during perimenopause and the early postmenopause years.”

As Canada’s experts in women’s mental healthcare for people in menopause, BRIA is happy to share news about this exciting research finding on #MenopauseMondays.

A new study found that menopause hormone therapy may be helpful to treat #depression in menopause. So many people—62% in this study— suffer with depression at this stage.

This is the first study to conclude that menopause hormone therapy, alone or with anti-depressant medication, can help treat depression at this stage.

Read the full study findings report here. 

The Menopause Society (formerly The North American Menopause Society) is dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals and providing them with the tools and resources to improve the health of women during the menopause transition and beyond. As the leading authority on menopause since 1989, the nonprofit, multidisciplinary organization serves as the independent, evidence-based resource for healthcare professionals, researchers, the media, and the public and leads the conversation about improving women’s health and healthcare experiences.

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Dr. Ariel Dalfen

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