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“A Personal Touch – Canadian Women Share What Evolving Benefits Mean To Them” – Benefits Canada

September 20, 2023

Benefits Canada published an article by Kelsey Rolfe highlighting Canadian women’s experiences navigating family building and benefits at work. Some key statistics:

* 32% of Canadian employers have invested in fertility benefits
* 10 % cover adoption and surrogacy
* 25% more of Canadian employers now offer some kind of fertility coverage since 2020, however, only 5% cover both drugs and treatment costs, unchanged since 2020.

We love to see the growing focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion within benefits and women’s health in the workplace.  There is more work to be done here with increasing coverage, a focus on mental healthcare, and ensuring that those who have coverage can find high-quality care when they need it.

BRIA offers a turn-key solution for people struggling with mental health issues across life stages: trying to conceive, pregnancy, postpartum and through perimenopause. BRIA partners with businesses, clinics, employers, and insurance companies to ensure that our services are accessible for those who need them. If you are interested in connecting, please reach out to us here: 

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