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“I could simply tell people ‘I lost the baby.’ But lying didn’t feel right” – The Toronto Star

August 28, 2023

This weekend, The Toronto Star published an article written by Erin Wotherspoon, who shared her personal story. Pregnancy termination, commonly referred to as termination for medical reasons (TFMR), is typically when a wanted pregnancy is ended due to medical abnormalities with the fetus and/or medical complications with the person carrying the fetus. Many people experiencing pregnancy terminations need far more complex care than medical or surgical abortions, as in many cases, pregnancies can be much further along.

While writing this article, Erin spoke with Dr. Bev Young about the psychological impact of TFMR, who highlighted that “Grief is good. You have to go through the grief, not around it.”

Erin writes – “TMFR  is the choice that calls on you to become a parent, only to end up without a living child. It calls on you to love deeply, fiercely, unselfishly, and then you have to leave the hospital without your baby. Without a child to receive that love.”


This article was published on Saturday, August 26th – and at the time of writing her comment section is filled with praise, understanding, and support for Erin’s choice to share her story.

An exceptionally honest and well written article. A pure soul which is hard to find these days. My heart shares your feelings.

Thank you for writing this and starting an important conversation.

What a moving story. Thank-you for sharing, especially for others who may be grieving the same situation.

Beatrix, I find that as I get older, I’m learning the meaning of an expression my granny used to say about a lot of things:”there’s more room out(side) than in(side)”. Sharing what burdens us, especially long term memories, is never wrong imho, just sometimes we choose the wrong person to share with, or the timing is not quite right. If sharing, even here “anonymously” helps just one person reflect..it’s a plus. Thank you for sharing. Today, that person is me.

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Dr. Bev Young

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