If you have health benefits or health insurance please check the following before your MINI:

  • Amount of coverage for general mental healthcare services
  • Coverage for Occupational Therapists (OT)
  • Coverage for Social Workers (MSW or RSW)
  • Coverage for Nurses and Nurse Practitioners (RN, RPN, NP)
  • Coverage for Registered Dietitians
  • Coverage for Lactation Consultants
  • Additional health and wellness coverage (for example, Health Spending Account)

Health Card (Ontario and Alberta)

  • Please make sure your Health Card is up-to-date
  • Please have your Health Card on hand for your appointment
  • Note: If you are not eligible for a Health Card but are still a resident of Ontario or Alberta you can still receive treatment at BRIA


  • Please note all your prescriptions, including the names of current and past medications and dosages (if known)

Primary Care Provider Information

  • Please note your primary care provider’s name, phone number and fax number

Pharmacy Information

  • Please note your pharmacy’s phone number and fax number