Does BRIA offer Individual therapy?


People often go to therapy to discuss a wide variety of concerns including how to manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviours, how to cope with conflict at home or at work, how to feel more confident, how to deal with issues from the past, and how to cope with new life stages and big changes that can be overwhelming.  Sometimes people prefer to have one-on-one talk therapy with a trained counsellor to address these personal issues. Although talk therapy may feel scary or too vulnerable at first, people often find they feel better when they address the issues that have been bothering them under the guidance of a trusted therapist. Formal therapy or counselling is very different from venting with a close friend or trusted family member. A therapist is trained to help with mental health and relationship problems and can help patients examine and understand their issues in a new and productive way, in a private and  confidential setting. BRIA therapists offer counselling to women at each reproductive life stage.