Does BRIA offer couples therapy?

During major life stresses or transition times, people often find that their relationship with their partner takes a hit. This can happen when couples experience the immense burdens of fertility treatments, pregnancy loss, pregnancy itself, becoming new parents, or when grown children leave home. These are stressful times and even the best relationships can suffer. Plus, if a relationship was strained before these circumstances, it can often get worse under stress. People often think that couples therapy signifies the end of a relationship so they are afraid to take part. In reality, it is a helpful way for members of a couple to communicate openly, in a private and confidential setting, and in the presence of a neutral third party. Couples can effectively delve into their concerns, their anger, and their feelings when in couples counseling. Couples therapy can lead to a much better relationship and set the stage for improved communication and happiness as a couple, at any life stage.