Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

BRIA was created to support those who are dealing with hormonal concerns and/or struggling with mental health concerns and stress during reproductive and hormonal life transitions: when going through fertility treatments, during pregnancy and the postpartum period, and during perimenopause. 

If you or your partner are in one of these stages and in need of care, please read the information below. 

BRIA can help:

  • People who are looking for support to manage stress 
  • People looking for help with their relationships  
  • People who have depression or anxiety
  • People with hormonal concerns

BRIA is not suitable for:

  • People in crisis
  • People who have been admitted to a psychiatric hospital within the past 3 months
  • People who are suicidal or who have recently been treated for suicidality
  • People in a manic episode or who have been manic in the past 3 months
  • People who have active psychotic symptoms or untreated psychotic illness
  • People looking for ongoing psychiatric care 

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