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Infertility and Managing Your Mental Health with Dr. Ariel Dalfen

June 14, 2023

Dr. Ariel Dalfen spoke with Fertility in Focus by Fertility Matters Canada on Managing Your Mental Health.

On this episode, we’re connecting with Dr. Ariel Dalfen, a psychiatrist who specializes in women’s mental health. Dr. Dalfen has 20 years of experience and is the Co-Founder of BRIA, a virtual care service for women struggling with mental health issues across reproductive life stages. In this episode, she’ll be sharing some of her favorite tips for taking care of your mental health while trying to conceive.

This episode is for anyone who’s dealing with the struggle of building a family—whether it’s you or someone you know. You don’t have to be going through IVF or have been diagnosed with a fertility issue to benefit from this episode. Dr. Dalfen will help you figure out what your best approach is when it comes to finding support and resources, and she’ll give you some tips on how to cope with the stress that comes along with infertility.

If you’ve ever felt like there’s no one out there who understands what you’re going through, listen up! We hope this episode will be helpful for anyone who needs a little extra encouragement right now.

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Dr. Ariel Dalfen

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