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Embrace the change therapy at BRIA

June 8, 2023

Are you avoiding things because you find them so hard to do and you just don’t have the energy, or motivation to do them?

In the moment, it may feel good but as Mel Robbins so perfectly shares in the link below, it ends up making your life so much harder:

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BRIA Nurse psychotherapists, Michelle and Tracy, can help you do these hard things and so much more through their “embrace the change” or behavioural activation (BA)therapy sessions.

By making small simple changes and tackling tasks and activities in baby steps, you start to feel better which motivates you to do more, leading to a reduction in your symptoms of depression and/or anxiety.

To start tackling the “hard to do” activities in your life click on the link below to schedule a session with Michelle or Tracy today


Written By:

Michelle Amato

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