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Dr. Ariel Dalfen Continues The Conversation With Global

October 25, 2023

Many are struggling to cope with the atrocities and violence of the war in the Middle East. At BRIA we are supporting each other, and helping our patients and the community cope with the mental health impacts of the war.

Dr. Dalfen was back with The Morning Show talking about the psychological impact of global conflicts. She opened the conversation around understanding triggers of generational trauma and shared valuable insights on managing anxiety during tumultuous times.

Dr. Ariel Dalfen’s key takeaways:

  • read vs watch images
  • find activities that nourish yourself – friends, activity, relax (listen to music)
  • balance influx of information
  • find what you can control – take breaks, restorative activities

Written By:

Dr. Ariel Dalfen

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