How We Help

BRIA is here to guide you through life’s tough transitions. As experts in women’s mental health, we have created BRIA to provide comprehensive, integrated, and high-quality virtual services.

Care Coordinator

To guide you on your journey.

Mental Health Assessments

To learn what you need.

Therapies and Treatments

To help you feel better.

Symptom Tracking

To monitor how you’re doing.

How BRIA works

Get a personalised Care Plan

Start therapy or other services

Get additional MD services, if required

Track mental health symptoms to see progress

Let’s measure your symptoms

1 in 5 Canadian women is struggling with a mental health problem today — you are not alone.
Start by taking BRIA’s quiz to understand your symptoms and stressors.

Better is Possible

If you’re unsure about how you are feeling, overwhelmed trying to cobble together mental health services, or frustrated waiting to access care – we hear you.

It’s okay to ask for help. At BRIA, we are ready to answer.

Canadian, eh?

Hello Canada! We plan to expand coast-to-coast to offer our services beyond Ontario.
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