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BRIA is here to guide you through life’s tough transitions. As experts in women’s mental health, we have created BRIA to provide comprehensive, integrated, and high-quality virtual services.

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Mental Health Assessments

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Therapies and Treatments

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Symptom Tracking

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How BRIA works

Get a personalised Care Plan

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BRIA Services

We offer mental health services for every life stage. BRIA providers work together to support your needs. Our services are covered by most benefits plans.

MINI Mental Health Assessment

The BRIA MINI will provide you with a personalized Care Plan.

MINI Mental Health Assessment

When a BRIA Care Coordinator meets with you for a  MINI Mental Health Assessment, she will learn about your symptoms, stressors and struggles and will create a Care Plan just for you. Your Care Plan will outline which BRIA services can help you get better now. The MINI is your starting point on your MD-designed path to recovery with BRIA.

Individual Therapy

Our team of professional therapists can help you learn the tools you need to feel better.

Individual Therapy

People often go to therapy to address a variety of concerns, including: coping with unpleasant emotions, thoughts, and behaviours, dealing with conflicts at home or at work, learning how to feel more confident, dealing with traumatic events or issues from the past, and coping with new life stages and big changes. Although talk therapy may feel scary or too vulnerable at first, people often find that they feel better when they discuss the issues that have been bothering them, under the guidance of a therapist. Formal therapy or counselling is very different from venting with a close friend or family member. A therapist is trained to help with mental health and relationship problems; they can help you examine and understand your concerns in a productive, and unbiased way, in a safe and confidential setting. Our therapists can help those who are going through reproductive life transitions and their partners too.

Couples Therapy

You and your partner can talk to one of our trained therapists to cope with conflict and communication issues.

Couples therapy

During major life stresses or transition times, people often find that the relationship with their partner takes a hit. Feelings of anger, resentment, or betrayal may crop up, or previous issues within the relationship may worsen. Sometimes, people worry that couples therapy signifies the end of a relationship, so they are afraid to take part. In reality, it is a helpful way for a couple to communicate openly, in a safe and confidential setting, and in the presence of a neutral third party. Couples therapy can lead to a much stronger relationship, and sets the stage for improved communication and fulfilment as a couple.

Group Therapy

You will join people who are experiencing similar issues to openly share, receive support and learn new skills.

Group Therapy

Psychotherapy groups create a safe place where you can openly discuss your tough experiences or emotions, feel connected and supported by others, and learn coping skills such as mindfulness meditation or cognitive-behavioural strategies. During group therapy, women who are experiencing similar life stressors or common symptoms come together under the guidance of therapists. By supporting one another through shared experiences and feeling less alone, women often find that group therapy is helpful to address mental health challenges.

MAXI Mental Health Assessment

The MAXI offers an in-depth assessment, diagnostic, and treatment plan by a mental health professional and an MD Psychiatrist.

MAXI Mental Health Assessment

If our Care Coordinator recommends further mental health evaluation after your MINI, you will be referred to the MAXI Mental Health Assessment. This is a more detailed assessment by a mental health professional and an MD Psychiatrist. In the MAXI, you will get recommendations for therapy and other services, and may get medication recommendations to address your concerns. A formal report outlining your Care Plan and follow-up suggestions will be created for you and your primary care provider.

MEDI Health Assessment

The MEDI offers an in-depth assessment and treatment plan by women’s health experts to address common hormonal, mood, and sleep issues of perimenopause and beyond.

MEDI Health Assessment

If our Care Coordinator recommends a comprehensive midlife assessment after your MINI, you will be referred to the MEDI Health Assessment. This is a comprehensive assessment by a trained women’s health care professional and a gynecologist. In the MEDI, you will get a comprehensive assessment of your physical, hormonal, and mental health at midlife. Following this assessment, you may get recommendations for medication, hormonal treatments, or other therapies. A formal report outlining your Care Plan and follow-up suggestions will be created for you and your primary care provider.

Mindful Movement Classes

Classes by an expert yoga and mindfulness instructor will teach you tools to support mental health and resilience at any life stage.

Mindful Movement Classes

BRIA offers an accessible movement class that will include yoga, breath-work and mindfulness. Classes are targeted to different life stages and encourage physical openness, strength, stability, and harmony. Mindfulness meditation will be infused throughout the classes as an evidence-based intervention to address an array of mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression and even insomnia. No previous experience is required.

Educational Sessions

Our experienced health care providers and fantastic guest speakers will share their knowledge and answer your questions.

Educational Classes

BRIA educational classes are a great way for the BRIA community to learn about an array of women’s mental health issues. We have engaging speakers who facilitate productive discussions on a variety of topics, from coping with pregnancy during the pandemic, to managing your sex life through perimenopause, to sleeping better at any age. Ask questions and learn effective, up-to-date information to help you on your mental health journey, no matter what stage you are in.

Registered Dietitians

We offer nutrition and lifestyle assessments, goal setting and ongoing check-ins to support you at any life stage.

Registered Dietitians

BRIA’s registered dietitians are experts in providing nutritional support for hormone health, period and reproductive wellness, and disordered eating. Using a “non-diet” approach, or Health At Every Size (HAES) our registered dietitians understand that healthy nourishment is critical to mental health and well-being at every life stage.

Lactation Consultation

We can support you as you prepare for your new baby and when they arrive. At BRIA, we believe fed is best.

Lactation Consultation

BRIA offers lactation consulting with your mental health in mind. We will work with you and your family to ensure that feeding is working for parent and baby. A BRIA lactation consultant will make suggestions and help you develop a comfortable feeding plan.

Parenting Coaching

No matter where you are on your parenting journey, we can support you and your family.

Parenting Coaching

BRIA parenting coaches can help you at any stage. They will first get to know you, your family and your baby or child; and then learn about your parenting goals, design a parenting plan, and support you as you put that plan into action at home. Navigating parenthood is complicated; engaging with a parenting coach can lead new or seasoned parents to a better place.

Sleep Consultant

Getting a good night’s sleep is critical for mental health and well-being. We can assess sleep issues and help you get much needed night time rest.

Sleep Consultant

At BRIA, we know sleep is crucial. We also know how many women struggle with sleep throughout life. This is why we have sleep experts to help. A BRIA sleep consultant will assess your sleep patterns, create a sleep plan just for you, and help you implement that plan effectively. Our sleep consultants can help both adults and babies or children to improve sleep patterns.We also offer specialized sleep assessments for people in perimenopause.

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